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Take the Accessibility Test
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1. The 2010 ADA Standards allow a lavatory to overlap the required 56”x60” minimum clear space around the toilet.
2. In the 2010 ADA Standards, accessible urinals must always be provided in accessible multi-user toilet rooms.
3. Newly constructed dormitories are covered by the FHA Guidelines and ADAAG.
4. Stairs must comply with the 2010 ADA Standards only if floors are not connected by an elevator.
5. Public Rights of Way are required to comply with the 2010 ADA Standards.
6. In the 2010 ADA Standards, tactile text provided at room signage must always be “sans serif”.
7. HUD recognizes the 2010 ADA Standards as a safe harbor for compliance with FHA.
8. The 2004 ADA-ABA Accessibility Guidelines should be used for all GSA facilities.
9. A van accessible parking space is required when there are only three parking spaces in a small retail store’s parking lot.
10. The 2010 ADA Standards require a lift to all raised press boxes in athletic facilities.
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